Visit to F11 Foto Museum, and Dinner with Andreas & Mrs Kauffman

I'm very grateful to Leica and Douglas So for inviting me, Huang Jing, Mark Liu, and a few other photographers and enthusiasts to visit Douglas' F11 photography museum and his upcoming new project in Hong Kong yesterday. We also had the opportunity to chat with Leica Chairman Dr Andreas and Mrs Kauffman over dinner. For photography enthusiasts, F11 is a must-see! It is a beautifully restored 5-storey heritage building in Happy Valley housing an incredible collection of vintage cameras, photography books, and prints. The current exhibition is of Werner Bischof's work in Hong Kong in the 1950's. Douglas’ new project nearby is even more impressive! Since it is still a work-in-progress (he plans to open later this year) I will only share a few images of parts of the amazing interior design already circulating on the Internet, perhaps to act as teasers! Suffice to say, I believe it will address the needs of photography enthusiasts at the very highest end of the market, not just for Hong Kong, but also for mainland China and Asia! Thank you Douglas and Leica Asia/China (Jane Cui and Siegmund Sudek)!

F11 Foto Museum
11 Yuk Sau Street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

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Happy Valentines Day!

I wanted to use a recent photo to mark today's celebration of love, but somehow this one from last year kept coming into my mind. This couple was hugging each other so passionately that they were oblivious to everything around them. I will never know if they were about to be separated or if they had just come back to each other... Of course I hope it was the latter. Happy Valentine's Day everyone

"Valentine's Day on the Train". ”地铁上的情人节”。"День Святого Валентина в поезде." © Jon She 2016.

"Valentine's Day on the Train". ”地铁上的情人节”。"День Святого Валентина в поезде." © Jon She 2016.