My "Neon Taxi" Photo in LFI!

For more than 60 years, Leica Fotografie International, or LFI, has been THE independent magazine for the Leica world. I’m therefore absolutely delighted and honored that the newest issue (2/2017) features one of my photos as a double-page spread. Coincidentally, this issue also introduces Leica’s newest digital rangefinder camera, the fantastic M10, which I tested during my recent trip to India. The photo is my “Neon Taxi” from July last year, with which I tried to capture as many iconic elements of Hong Kong as possible within a single frame, and while keeping one of my favorites movies, Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner, in mind. This photo was one of the first in my current general goal, of trying to achieve the retinal impact of monochrome images, but in color, with a combination of in-camera and development techniques. I’m still working on it, so am grateful for the ongoing advice from my friend and mentor Patrick Zachmann, and also the support of Leica China. I also want to acknowledge the original location recommendation from Cheng Wai Hok of Meteor HK. If you enjoy photography, do pick up a copy - this issue also has great features from some of my own favorite photographers out there today: Giovanni Del Brenna, Fulvio Bugani, Tomeu Coll, William Daniels, Jo Fischer, Zachary Roberts, Matt Stuart, and Ed van der Elsken. I’m honored to be in the same publication as them, if only with a single image this time! Thanks Carol!