Exhibition at the Leica Store Gallery, Shanghai, China

If you happen to be in Shanghai, you might be interested in checking out my solo exhibition at the Leica Store in Xintiandi, which has been showing since last November. Not quite sure how long more it will be up for though! Here’re some of images from the opening and the small workshop I ran at the Capella Hotel.

New Gallery: Tencent WeChat X Leica Campaign 2018

I was delighted to be invited as one of three photographers from Mainland China to participate in the first joint campaign between Leica and Tencent WeChat (the largest social media platform in China), during the Autumn of 2018. I was given less than a week to capture new images that represented how the use of mobile phones had changed society - both in good and in not so good ways (for the final series I did use one old image from 2016). I’ve also included a video introducing the two organizations’ thoughts behind the collaboration, with some thankfully-brief cameos by yours-truly…