New Gallery: Dreams of Shadows & Light

Over the past few years I’ve become more and more fascinated by how the urban environment at night is so representative of the human presence on this planet. It is our cities - the structures, the colorful electric illumination, the vehicles that transport us within them, the noise and activities that provide the lifeblood - that encapsulate so succinctly what it means to be human in the 21st century. In comparison I find daytime photography, at least in the typically overcast cities I live in, to be woefully pallid and uninteresting.

Perhaps my recurring interest in this theme is also partly due to the fact that I prefer going on photowalks at night - when the weather is cooler, and when I can allow myself to be more in the present, and less distracted by my other duties and responsibilities - when it is easy just to lose myself in the rhythm of the living city (especially after a few drams of decent whisky).

Then again, it could just be because of my life-long love of movies that are set mostly in the night: Bladerunner, Dark City, Night on Earth, 2046, etc. Or of late night jazz, from folks like Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, and Dexter Gordon…